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737 W. Oak St.
Kissimmee, FL 34741
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Our purpose is to serve you...

Hello and welcome to our office. Although it is our pleasure to meet and help you with your diagnosis, we certainly wish we could have met under different circumstances. No one wants cancer, but unfortunately it isn't selective. Regardless of age, sex, or lifestyle, cancer can happen to anyone.

The good news is that at Osceola Cancer Center, we provide everything you could want for cancer treatment in the convenience of your home area. In addition to having the support of family and friends nearby, you'll benefit from our experienced staff. Many of these smart and caring people have been a part of our team since our office first opened. We constantly seek the most promising treatments and options for our patients. This commitment of excellence is further enhanced by our affiliation with the Moffit Cancer Center.

If you are newly diagnosed, we urge you to relax. Tremendous strides have been made in cancer treatment as well as in the prevention of side effects. Much of what you may have heard or remember about cancer treatment is probably no longer true. Please know that we will be with you through every step of your cancer journey and will always do our very best to make your treatment as easy as possible.

We believe in getting to know our patients, and we encourage you to communicate with us. We are here for you.